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2022 Village Bike & Fitness Shop Rides

Come RIDE with Us!

Every rider must complete and sign the Participation Form.

WEEKLY Wednesday Night Road Ride

Meet up Wednesday 10/19
LOCATION: Riverside Park Boat Launch
Riverside Park Dr NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

 Check the Facebook page.

7:00 pm roll out.
Route: TBD

Join us for our weekly Wednesday Night Road Ride! We will ride the rolling roads of the Rockford/Cannonsburg area, as well as spots in and around downtown Grand Rapids. 15-16 mph avg, with occasional stops to rest and regroup. Learn to ride in a group, signal potholes, road furniture, and other potential road surface threats. Learn to ride in a paceline. Admire other bikes (your bike knows you look at other bikes!) Good conversation will happen, too! This is a NO-DROP ride so no one gets left behind! 

Rides are road and weather condition specific, although we have ridden in wet/rainy conditions in the past, so please check the event page the day of the ride for updates/cancellations.  Bring your bike, helmet, lights, water-HELMETS REQUIRED!! We recommend a front-facing light for your bars and one for your helmet and/or a tail light. Water will be a must! We switch routes every couple of weeks, so please check the event page for where we are riding. Questions?  email or call 714-263-6682

Women's Weekly MTB Ride

Location changes weekly.  Check the Facebook page.
6:30 roll out.

Join us for our weekly Women's MTB ride! This ride is for all ages and riding abilities. We ride at a casual pace, with stops to rest and regroup and chat about trail features. This is a great opportunity to make new riding friends, and learn from other women in a no-pressure environment. No one gets left behind! We ride at the speed of fun! If you love bikes, good friends, and yummy snacks, these rides are for you! 

Rides are trail condition specific; please check the event page the day of the ride for updates/cancellations.  Bring your mountain bike, helmet, water, any questions you might have and your smile :) HELMETS AND LIGHTS REQUIRED!! Recommend a light for your bars and one for your helmet and a tail light. We switch trails every couple of weeks, so please check the event page for where we are riding. Hosted by Dynamic MTB (formerly Liv Cycling WMI and Village Bike & Fitness)

Please click on one of the links below for STEP-BY-STEP help uploading routes from either Strava or Ride With GPS to your Wahoo or Garmin device. REMEMBER TO STAR (ie: save) the route (ideally on a PC) BEFORE syncing the route to your device!  To "Star" a route on Strava, first select the route that you wish to "Star", click "Create Route". When the map loads click "Save". A drop down menu will appear where you can re-name the route if you wish, or "Star" the route. Click the star-shaped icon in the upper-right hand corner of the drop down menu. Route is now "Starred". Route will automatically sync the next time your device is turned on while ON WI-FI. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PHONE (with Strava app installed) AND YOUR DEVICE TURNED ON WHILE ON WI-FI IN ORDER TO AUTOMATICALLY SYNC!!

Routes on Web

Creating Routes

With a Strava subscription, you can create new routes from scratch by clicking the Create New Route button near the top of the My Routes page. Use the panel on the left-hand side to set your preferences, including whether you’d like a mostly paved or dirt route.

  • Choose between running, riding, or walking to generate routes optimized for each sport.
  • Select whether you’d like your route to follow the most popular or direct route, whether you’d like to minimize or maximize elevation, and whether you’d preferred paved or dirt surfaces.
  • Using the global heatmap layer or showing the segments along your route is a great way to discover new routes that are popular in the Strava community.
  • Click on the icon highlighted below to reverse the direction of the route.

While creating your route, you can click on the map to select waypoints or search for a location, landmark, or address you’d like to include in the route with the search bar at the top of the page. The map will jump to a waypoint for the chosen location and you’ll have the option to add it to your route.


Any Strava athlete can create a route from their own activities or someone else's activities. Strava subscribers can make additional edits to routes created from activities. Click on the map to create a new waypoint at the end of your route or drag the polyline to a new location to drop a new waypoint mid-route. Please note this feature is only available for someone else's activities depending on their privacy settings. There are several ways you can create a route from an activity:

  • From the Strava website, navigate to the activity you'd like to use to create the route.
    • Click the more (ellipses) icon on the left-hand side. Select Create Route.
    • Look for the Create Route option in the upper right-hand corner of the map.
  • From your activity feed on the Strava website, hover over the activity's map to reveal the option to Try this route.

You will be re-directed to the Strava route builder, where Strava will create the route based on the activity data.



Before you save your route, you have the option to mark your route as private. Private routes can only be seen by you. Private routes can be made public at any time by editing the route, clicking Save, toggle activity visibility to Public and clicking Save to My Routes.

More information on following a route can be found here.

Managing your Routes

To access routes you've created and starred, hover over your Dashboard tab and select My Routes from the drop-down menu.

  • You can star routes created by other athletes to save them to your routes page.
  • To edit or delete a route, click the wrench icon located under the route star and select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.


Estimated Moving Time for a Strava Route

Your estimated moving time for a route is calculated by your 4-week average speed or pace. On your profile, you'll see your average distance per week and your average time per week based on your last 4 weeks of activities. We take that average to estimate your moving time for the route. If you share the route, the estimated moving time will be adjusted based on the viewer's profile stats.

Improving Routes

The underlying map data for routes comes from our map provider, OpenStreetMap. If you notice any problems with the map used for routes, you can report those problems directly to OSM:


Why does the map look blank when I try to create a route?

Athletes using an older version of certain browsers may see a blank page where the map should be loading. We recommend updating your primary browser to the latest version or trying another browser entirely.


Routes from Strava to Wahoo

Using Routes from Strava on the ELEMNT/BOLT/ROAM  

Routes from Strava to Garmin

Syncing Strava Routes to your Garmin Device – Strava Support 


Routes from Ride With GPS to Wahoo

Wahoo Elemnt GPS | Ride With GPS Help 


Routes from Ride With GPS to Garmin

Export Routes to Garmin Device | Ride With GPS Help