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Maintenance Schedule

Schedule of Maintenance.

Bicycles require some regular maintenance plus occasional mechanical service and/or overhaul. We can do it for you, or we're glad to help you learn as much as you're interested in.

Before every ride, make sure your bike is working like the fine tuned machine it has potential to be. Check the brakes, shifting, headset and tire pressure. At the beginning of the season or before a major ride, bring it in and we'll inspect it for any service it may need.

For normal riding, every...

  • 100 Miles: Lube Chain
  • 200 Miles: Lube suspension fork sliders, check fork pressure, look for tire cuts.
  • 500 Miles: Wash and clean your bike, clean/lube chain, check wheels for true/round, overhaul air forks.
  • 1000 Mile: Change chain, chekc brake adjustments and pad wear, lube cables, overhaul coil forks and perform suspension maintenance as perscribed. Check tire wear.
  • 1500 Miles: Check cassettes and chain ring for wear and/or damage, check bearings for adjustment and smoothness.
  • 3000 Mile: Check fork bushings and seals for contamination, replace if necessary. Change the cassette. Overhaul and/or service bearing parts( Bottom bracket, head set, hubs).
  • Twice a year: Check helmet for cracks or damage to the shell and overall fit.

Print out a copy of our handy Bicycle Maintenance Chart for the garage