The Pain Cave Challenge is HERE!!!

What is the Pain Cave Challenge?

Post-Season Tune-Ups 50% off thru November 30!!

So the days are chilly, and you've put miles on your bike. Whether your thoughts are turning to your indoor sessions this winter, or you just want to be able to air up the tires in the spring and go, the best time this year to get your bike serviced and tuned up is NOW. Through November 30 all service packages are 50% off!

Women's Mechanics Clinic Thursday 11/14 (part 1) and Thursday 11/21(part 2) 5:00pm-7:00pm

Hosted by Liv Cycling W MI and Village Bike & Fitness



How to Build the Ultimate Indoor Cycling Pain Cave

It’s time to remove all distractions and build the ultimate pain cave. Making the ultimate indoor cycling pain cave is a three-step process:

Upgrade your cycling gear
Upgrade your entertainment
your ambiance

New Wahoo KICKR Indoor Training Bike NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER!!

Wahoo has taken their KICKR family of indoor trainers to a next-level indoor fitness bike by getting rid of the bike altogether. Incorporating all of the smart connectivity of their earlier trainers, the new KICKR Bike is designed to offer the ultimate indoor training experience!! Learn more about the 2020 Wahoo KICKR Indoor Trainer

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