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Reviews and Testimonials for Village Bike & Fitness

There's nothing better than getting a thumbs up from our customers.  Here are a few notes we've received.  

Reviews for our bicycle service department:

Excellent, reliable and local service. Always a good visit.
Tim  -  Grand Rapids

Always trust the mechanics and the work that VB does!
Dennis  -  

I love how knowledgeable the staff are. I know little about cycling since I'm still pretty new to the game, but the staff answered all my questions and never made me feel like a nuisance.
Jonathan  -  Cascade

Reviews for our our new bike experience:

I visited several bike shops before making my choice. I felt like this shop understood what I wanted and was willing to take the time to sort out a decision with me. The shop itself felt hometown-ish and comfortable, and I’m not a big bike person so that felt comfortable. Two techs working at the time examined my new bike, finding a last-minute problem with it and fixing it quickly. I came from Kalamazoo to buy the bike.
 Annie  -  Kalamazoo, MI

Benjamin was so helpful in recommending the right bike for me and giving me tips on using the bike.
Barb  -  Cascade, MI

A great all-around experience purchasing new bikes. Top notch service and high quality products. Thanks for all you do!
John - Sparta, MI

I’ve visited many bike shops and this is literally the first time I was not treated as an idiot because 1) I don’t do races, and 2) I'm a senior citizen (although I hate that title). A month prior I visited another Village Bike Shop to purchase a bike for my 10-year old grandson. He was treated with amazing respect as the employee questioned him about HIS needs, not mine. So, thank you for GREAT customer service to ALL your customers.
Lynn - Kentwood, MI

My husband and I purchased our first bikes (well, our first GOOD bikes) here. We came in with very little knowledge about what our options were but the staff gave us some great recommendations and steered us towards bikes that were perfect for how we plan to ride. Thank you!
Kristen - Grand Rapids, MI

Denise and Lucas run a great shop, very happy to give them my business.
Daniel - Jenison, MI

Always fun to shop at Village Bike.
Todd  -  Cedar Springs, MI