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Electric Bikes-iZip Q&A

izip electric bikes at Village Bike & Fitness Grand Rapids, Michigan

We're now stocking IZIP electric bikes at three locations.  Come take a test ride!

Grand Rapids - South
5991 Kalamazoo Ave.  
Grand Rapids, MI 49508 (map)

(616) 455-4870

Grand Rapids - North
5278 Plainfield Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525 (map)

(616) 361-3661

450 Baldwin St
Jenison, MI 49428 (map)

(616) 457-1670

Why would I want to ride an electric bike?

We dare you to take a lap around our parking lot on an IZIP bike and try not to smile. (Nearly impossible.) It's like having a perfectly timed tailwind in every direction. And hills? You'll be the first one to the top without even breaking a sweat.

We stock IZIP electric bikes at our Jenison, South, and North stores...six models currently in stock including the cruiser style Zuma and Vibe, the comfortable upright Path, the sporty Dash, the Peak+ 27.5x2.8 mountain bike, and the Sumo fatbike.

Here's a few questions we get:
Q Is it hard to get used to the motor?
A Nope. You just pedal like normal and the motor gently matches your effort to give an extra push. You can set the assist level from 1-4 or just turn it off completely and it rides like a regular bike.

Q What's the range of the battery?
A It depends on the setting you use, but some models get up to 50 miles per charge.

Q Can I ride it on the bike path?
A Yes you can! Pedal-assist ebikes are allowed on bike paths and rail-trails.

Plus we've just received the NEW Giant Quick-E+ in medium and large. Yamaha powered SyncDrive pushes up to 28 mph.  This bike will take you up to 120 miles on a single charge!