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Demo Bikes

Try Before You Buy

When it comes to high-end bikes, a spin around the parking lot just doesn’t give you a realistic experience.  
That’s why Village offers a full range of Demo Bikes that you can take to your favorite local trail or take out for a longer ride on the road.  Get a real feel for the traction of 3” or 4.6” tires, or the control and handling of full suspension, or the quick handling of 27.5” wheels.   Feel the Future Shock handling of the Roubaix and Ruby and experience the power of the Turbo Vado.

Call your local Village location to reserve the bike you want for the day you want it!

Pedal Assist Bikes

2018 Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 Low Step.  Size Large
store SKU 1057826

2018 Specialized Turbo Vado 2.0 Low Step.  Size Medium.
store SKU 1057824


1051613 16 Fuse Expert M
1051615 16 Fuse Expert L

1051617 16 Ruze Expert M

1046365 15 Fatboy Black M
1046363 15 Fatboy Green L
1046691 15 Fatboy Black XL

Full Suspension

2018 Specialized Epic Comp Medium . 1059013
2018 Specialized Epic Comp Large  1059015

Road Bikes

1054269 17 Ruby Expert 51
1054271 17 Ruby Expert

1054265 17 Roubaix Expert 54
1054267 17 Roubaix Expert